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Sandi Obertin,artist, rubber stamp designer

Sandi Obertin


Sandi has been always been interested in art and design and as a high school student she designed and fabricated much of her own clothing. Her interest in art continued into adulthood when she pursued many craft forms, including ceramics, candle making, jewelry design, stained glass and eventually rubber stamping and rubber stamp design.


In 1986 Sandi and her husband Lynn opened The Great Midwest Craftmarket which featured the work of over 1000 artists and craftsmen from throughout the United States. This very successful business eventually resulted in their constructing their own free-standing building in 1995, known as ArtWalk, and they continued to do business selling fine craftwork at ArtWalk until 2005, when Lynn retired from his teaching job and their building was sold.


While involved in the retail art business, Sandi developed an interest in rubber stamping which led to her innovative stamp designs and techniques.  Her work has been featured in a number of paper craft magazines  and books.  Additionally, Sandi has appeared on HGTV where she has had the opportunity to demonstrate some of her unique stamp designs and inventive techniques. Sandi has also designed a number of rubber stamp and ceramic mold products for the school/institutional craft market. She continues to innovate and explore new design ideas and is never satisfied with the traditional way of using art materials.  This philosophy has been the foundation for her teaching and demonstration approach.  No "cookie cutter" outcomes when she teaches.  Inspiring innovation and personal creativity continues to be her main focus when working with the many individuals who have taken her classes.


In addition to Sandi's success in the rubber stamping and paper arts field, she has also received recognition for her tooled metal work. This work has been featured at numerous art fairs and the Kenosha Harbor Market. Just as with her paper arts work, she continues to innovate and strive for own personal creative outcome with her tooled art.



Sandi's Gallery

More handtooled metal work by Sandi...

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