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Blank Palettes &

Shadow Stamps

Unless otherwise stated,all
Rubber Nature Art stamps
are sold unmounted and are
deep etched,high quality,
red rubber.
Price Codes
based on the last letter in the item #:
     A: $1.50
     B: $2.00
     C: $3.00
     D: $3.50
     E: $4.00
     F: $4.50
     G: $5.00
     H: $6.00
      I:  $7.00
     J:  $8.00
     K: $9.00
       L: $10.00
Blank Palette 1.jpeg
Blank Palette 2.jpeg
Shadow Stamps 1.jpeg
Shadow Stamps 2.jpeg
Bold and Beautiful 2.jpeg
Bold and Beautiful.jpeg
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