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Weaving Stamps

and Weaving Sentiments

You can create 3 dimensional woven cards and wall art with Sandi's Weaving Stamps

Inspirational Samples

Weaving stamp card sample

Hand-woven cards are perfect for any occasion!

Weaving stamp card sample

Personalize your creations by adding additional stamped images , unique embellishments and

Rubber Nature  Weaving Stamp Sentiments.

Unless otherwise stated,all
Rubber Nature Art stamps
are sold unmounted and are
deep etched,high quality,
red rubber.
Price Codes
based on the last letter in the item #:
     A: $1.50
     B: $2.00
     C: $3.00
     D: $3.50
     E: $4.00
     F: $4.50
     G: $5.00
     H: $6.00
      I:  $7.00
     J:  $8.00
     K:  $9.00
     L:  $10.00

Rubber Nature Weaving Stamps and Weaving  Sentiments

by Sandi Obertin

AW 7-7-I

Approx. 3.25x4.5"

RN 2-1-I

Approx. 3.5x4.75"

RN 13-8-J

Approx. 4.25x5.5

RN 13-7-J

Approx. 4.25x5.5"

RN 6-6-J

Approx. 4x5.5"

AW 10-2-I

Approx. 3.25x4.75"

RN 6-13-J

AW 8-4-I

Approx. 3.25x4.5"

Approx. 3.75x5.25"

AW 9-8-H

Approx. 3.25x4.25"

AW 8-8-I

Approx. 3.25x4.5"

AW 9-10-I

Approx. 3.5x4.75

Rubber Nature Weaving Stamps can also be used to stamp interesting backgrounds.  Use the entire design or partial image for more variations.

Instructions for creating your

3D weavings are included

with your Weaving Stamp order.


Approx. 2.5x2.75"


Approx. 4x4.5"


Approx. 4x3.75 "


Approx. 2.5x2.5"

Rubber Nature

Weaving Sentiments

Weaving stamp sentiments
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